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Waterproofing - Ven-Tex®







Ven-Tex® is a superior range of windproof, waterproof and breathable garment treatments.
The modern methods used to develop this technology will provide the user with increased
comfort and durable protection in cold weather conditions.


3.0 - Free Hanging Membrane

The Ven-Tex 3.0 is advanced, lightweight free hanging membrane that enhances any
cold climate outdoor wear's comfort level.  This highly breathable construction is also
extremely wind and water resistant.


2.0 - Laminate

This innovative technology was developed exclusively for cold climate outdoor active
sports.  A hi-tech, ultra thin hydrophilic membrane is bonded to the inside of the fabric. 
This provide superior comfort with a high resistance to wind and water and an excellent
transmission of perspiration.


1.0 - Coating

The Ven-tex® 1.0 is a durable thin coating that is applied to the inside of the fabric. 
The fabric maintains a soft touch while active comfort is enhanced by generating
excellent windproof, waterproof, and breathable performance.