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Insulation - DuPont™ ComforMax™ Classic


DuPont™ ComforMax™ Classic Insulation

Used in the following Castle X products:

  • Caliber Jacket
  • Incline Jacket
  • Rizer Jacket
  • Switch-11 Jacket
  • CR2-11 Jacket
  • Factor Pant
  • Fuel Pant
  • Rizer Waist Bib
  • CR2 Bib

Incorporates a multi-layer structure, DuPont™ ComforMax™ Classic offers excellent insulation value with low weight. It provides superior warmth, incredible softness and excellent durability. It is designed for use in general outerwear, sportswear and sleeping bags.

DuPont™ ComforMax™ Classic is manufactured using the most advanced carding technology that provides 4~5 times more fiberfill layers than other insulation. Each single fiberfill layer is only 5~10g/sqm and this true multi-layer structure is the secret of superior performance. It's the ideal insulation for high performance outdoor wear, soft shell outer wear, and sleeping bags.

Multi-layer structure of ComforMax™ Classic



Excellent Warmth

ComforMax™ Classic offers excellent insulation value with amazingly low weight through the multi-layer structure. This unique feature makes micro fibers uniformly dispersed and creates more air pockets that increase insulating performance.



Soft and Lightweight

The best combination of micro fibers in each layer delivers incredible softness and lightweight, so making the outer wear more comfortable and wearable.


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The multi-layer structure keeps ComforMax™ Classic durable and recoverable after repeated laundering. Each layer of ComforMax™ Classic is an excellent barrier that prevents fiber migration.

Insulation Value vs. Thickness