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Insulation - DuPont™ ComforMax™ Premium


DuPont™ ComforMax™ Premium Insulation



Used in the following Castle X products:

  • Caliber Jacket
  • Incline Jacket and Pants

DuPont™ ComforMax™ Premium insulation provides excellent protection against severe weather and keeps you warm and comfortable through its unique nonwoven membrane technology.


Selected micro fiber traps more air pockets than other insulation and provides superior insulation value at minimal thickness. The ultra-thin nonwoven membrane reflects the body's radiant heat to minimize heat loss.

> Excellent warmth without bulk
> Amazing durability
> Soft and supple texture

The nonwoven membrane is windproof and water resistant yet highly breathable. Its open-pore structure does not build up uncomfortable moisture within the membrane.

> Excellent wind resistance
> High air permeability
> Water resistance up to 1200 H2O mm
> Prevention of fiber migration

Thinner but warmer

The rate of heat loss is affected by many parameters. Two important factors are"the number of microscopic air pockets engineered in the insulation"and"the effectiveness in preventing heat loss". ComforMax™ Premium insulation satisfies both of above requirements.

The polyester fiberfill contains micro-fibers that trap a high volume of warm air. and the ultra-thin nonwoven membrane retains and reflects the body's radiant heat very efficiently. This technology allows ComforMax™ Premium to have minimal thickness yet deliver amazing insulation performance. It's the ideal insulation for active outdoor wear that requires warmth without bulk.

Comformax™ Radiant, a special version of Comformax™ Premium, adopts the nonwovevns membrane coated with microscopic metal particles to reflect more body's radiant heat. It's an ideal insulation for the outdoor wears and sleeping bags that require more warmth than Comformax™ Premium.

Insulation Value vs. Thickness

Insulation and more

The Comformax™ Premium provides excellent wind resistance yet still maintains high air permeability. The ultimate wind barrier should stop wind, and at the same time it should permit heat and perspiration to escape to help regulate the body's temperature. Comformax™ Premium does this much better than film laminates. The nonwoven membrane is produced by entangling micro fibers with high pressure, reducing the holes between them to provide microscopic pores, so that it achieves the optimum balance between wind resistance and air permeability. This true open-pore structure allows perspiration vapor to pass through quickly without moisture condensation. The nonwoven membrane of Comformax™ Premium does not get stiff or noisy in the cold weather.

Comformax™ Premium also provides a certain measure of water resistance if you get caught out in a damp situation, be it rain or snow. Depending on application, it is possible to eliminate or minimize the outer shell's waterproof layer by adopting Comformax™ Premium. It can deliver maximum warmth and comfort even in damp and windy conditions.